A new location for Origine restaurant.

Origine is a concrete idea of good cuisine, with attention to detail, to selecting only great raw materials in terms of quality:.
The focus revolves around the idea of going back to the origins of taste and the use of traditional raw materials, without forcing it and without superstructures, but with the elegance and creative flair necessary to bring the poorest local ingredients back to the table, exalting its taste with mastery without ever exceeding.

An atmosphere that gives guests relaxing and pleasant moments, to spend an haute cuisine experience in an informal but always precise and elegant way, to also attract a younger audience. A journey that begins with an aperitif with freshly prepared cocktails that take guests into the world of mixology.

The menus often vary to respect the territory and its fruits during the seasons. We love to use aromatic and spontaneous herbs collected by the Chef himself in the woods and countryside of the area, as well as courtyard meats and the more ancestral ones of this territory. Strictly homemade pasta as well as handmade bread and desserts, these too designed and made inspired by the surrounding territories and local traditions.

A modern place but with clear traditional values, designed and structured to be flexible and guarantee guests the opportunity to always discover new flavors and combinations.

Our Origine

At the origin of our cuisine is the solidity of the kitchen, the ability to know how to choose the right ingredients and marry them together.

At the origin of cooking there is experience. That of those who create, but also that of those who savor the dish.

At the origin of the dish there is an idea, a feeling, an emotion that you want to share.

At the origin there are passion and organization. The dedication to doing things right, the way they should be done.

At the origin there is you and your dish.

Welcome to Origine.


Monday-Saturday 20:00-22:00 

Light lunch swimming-pool 12:00-14:00

T. +39 0744 243454

M. +39 342 105 8574 

WhatsApp +39 342 105 8574


Communicating the identity of the restaurant while welcoming guests, encouraging their aesthetic sense and leading them on an emotional journey that is a prelude to flavour. The mise en place is an artistic dimension of catering, and therefore should not be improvised or underestimated.


Tablecloths, plates, cutlery, glasses, lights, flowers, accessories are the elements that create a well-defined and unique ambience. By representing a complex of care that rewards, relaxes and stimulates expectations. The mise en place (which can be translated as "preparing the table") has to be studied in depth, analysing and combining the many factors that make it worthwhile. In contrast, superficiality and approximation can impair commitment, creativity and expertise in the kitchen.