The Grand Hotel San Gemini has elegant and refined halls and rooms, suitable for organising and holding cultural events, artistic initiatives, events and exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and meetings. Particularly beautiful and evocative is the splendid setting of the "Galleria degli Affreschi". We would like to be a point of reference for events and initiatives that have a link to Umbria and our region, that acquire more significance with us in a refined context of beauty.


The frescoes can be found inside the ducal palace of the Santacroce family, on the main floor, with a hall entirely covered in frescoes that is accessed by a grand staircase and ends in the apsidal profile of one of the circular towers. The walls of the hall are frescoed with a series of wall paintings dating back to the 18th century depicting scenes from "Jerusalem Delivered", in the tradition of chivalry, a theme cherished by the Santacroce family who took part in numerous crusades against the Turks. Thanks to the collaboration of the art historians Iacopo Benincampi and Giuliana Mosca, who investigated the Santacroce family collection at the State Archives in Rome, it was possible to ascertain that in the second half of the 18th century, the period in which the frescoes were completed, the artisans and craftsmen involved included Giovan Battista Bernabò, a painter and printer of the same name, who worked in Rome, and Onorato Miserola, who was also a prominent painter in the Capitoline context. The paintings were made using a "dry" technique, i.e. on already dry plaster.


The hotel is to be viewed as a large art gallery-museum where works of classical and contemporary art will be displayed, and where guests will not only be able to admire the works but also learn about their history, and for some, it will also be possible to purchase them.


Besides being an exclusive accommodation facility, Palazzo Santacroce is also a place that is "open" to culture serving the region, with highly interesting initiatives ranging from ancient art to contemporary production.